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Would you like to enhance your athletic performance to give you an edge over your competition? Do you want to become stronger, run faster, jump higher and improve overall physically?

Body By Bell in The Colony, Texas will help you do just that and much more! At Body By Bell we analyze your strengths, weakness and give you an evaluation. With your goals in mind we will develop a program that will take your athleticism to the next level.

Working out with your team is great! But coaches do not have the time to analyze each and every player, we give you the oppurtunity to improve your abilities for any given sport, including football, while you see improvements both mentally and physically.

How serious are you about the sport(s) that you play? Would you like to make it to the next level? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself, because the world of sports is consistantly become more competitive. You will need to step up and make changes the majority of your competition is not, which is hiring a personal trainer and commiting to working harder and running the extra mile.

As a former football player I know what this sport demands. I was 5'8" and weighed 160 pounds my junior year and played on the defensive line, against people almost twice my size. I didn't get by on just my speed, I was able to occasionally throw around a few offensive linemen through strength and explosive power! I moved to Texas after football season and decided to take personal training more serious, from then on I have been lifting weights, staying in shape and teaching others to do the same. When I did play football, I was the type of athlete who would wake up early to go on a run, sometimes stay an hour after practice to run, do bearcrawls, drills and burpees; all the stuff most people hate. I used to watch interviews featuring the greatest athletes of all time, who would all mention at some point, that they had to learn to love what most people hate, which is drive. The ability to outwork your competition.

My love for football has never faded, but my senior year I was busy training other people. After a month of lifting weights, running, and still practicing football, I was able to gain 20 solid-lean pounds of muscle. That year I gained 40 pounds of muscle, increased by bench by over 70 pounds, added over 100 pounds to my squat and my 40-yard dash went from a 4.8 to a 4.43.

The strongest word of advice that could be given to anyone, is to not limit yourself. High School coaches are more concerned with wins, top players and numbers you can put up in the weight room. Unfortunately, if you are not the best player, or one of the strongest then you might not ever be if you don't decide to do something about it. Your stats will increase while working out with the team and you will get better by practicing with the team, this is called natural progression. But it's time you kick things up a few notches, start lifting a few more days a week, start running more - even after conditioning. Convince your team to do so as well. This is how State Championships are WON and also how players of the year get accredited.

Are you convinced you and/or your team is in need of a personal trainer? If so visit to see what we have to offer. If you live in The Colony, Texas you are subject to discounted rates, these offers may also apply to Frisco, Plano, Carrolton, Lewisville and other Dallas, Texas surrounding cities. So what are you waiting for?

I look forward to hearing from you,

D'Vaughn Bell CEO and Founder of Body By Bell